What is a GroggleFroth? Well, imagine if you will, a character from Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.  Except, replace the face, with that of my own, about 5 minutes after I've woken up and arrived at the computer.  I believe the name GroggleFroth adequately describes this :-).

Now, if that doesn't scare you, maybe this will. Someone just *had* to outdo me (*cough* ashapiro *cough*) of me and Mr. Bigglesworth: and

Services Offered:
  • e-Froth - for the e-commerce do-it-yourselfer
  • e-Hype - for when you just can't get your unpopular product off the ground
  • Cosmetic Facial Reconstruction (click above picture for portfolio)
  • Stock Advice (* see note at bottom) Stock up on pork futures instead of tech or fuel


Jason Fesler (resume) of

*GroggleFroth is not a licensed stock broker. GroggleFroth is not a legal name. If you attempt to call GroggleFroth into court, GroggleFroth will not be liable for any wierd looks, fines, or other punishments given to you by the judge.

Another historical tidbit of "Grog":

Admiral Vernon (1684-1757) wore his cloak of grogram (silk and wool mix) so habitually that his men nicknamed him Old Grog. When the Admiral suggested to the British government that they could save money by diluting the Navy rum ration with 50% water, and the law passed to that effect, sailors took to calling the rum ration Grog.

- A Glossary of Nautical Terminology

The GroggleFroth

[Sung poorly to the tune of The Monster Mash]

I was working in my cube, late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
The sun from the land began to rise
When suddenly, to my surprise

(He did the froth)
I spewed a terrible froth
(the grogglefroth)
I became a GroggleFroth
(He's gonna go smash)
I felt a hot flash
(he's GroggleFroth)
I'm.. GroggleFroth!

From the Hall of Dark in the 2nd floor
To the coffee stand where daydwellers pour
The sales folks all came from every which way
And stared at me in shock and dismay


They looked at me in shock and dismay
They were looking for an exit any which way
They couldn't believe this freak from the 2nd floor
Who just kept pointing at coffee and shouting More!


I retreated back to the safety of my cube
Grabbed a towel, shampoo, and toothpaste in a tube
I probably smelled and looked like I was covered in silt
Off to the showers before the flowers wilt

[sounds of terror from people running]

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